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Who we are

Integrity. Excellence. Innovation.

Verlab is a company based in Southeast Europe that works in biomedical and clinical engineering. We cooperate with international organizations and national regulatory bodies. The main activities in Verlab are verification of medical devices with measuring function that are part of the legal metrology in accordance with the Law on Metrology in Bosnia and Herzegovina, radiation protection activities in accordance with the Law on Radiation and Nuclear Safety in Bosnia and Herzegovina, development of digital platforms in healthcare and consultations in the field of biomedical and clinical engineering.

There are three organisation units within Verlab:

  • Appointed laboratory for verification/inspection of medical devices with measuring function
  • Authorized Technical Services for Dental Radiology
  • Research and Innovation Center

The Laboratory for verification/inspection of Medical Devices with measuring function is appointed by the Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina in accordance with the Law on Metrology in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Medical devices with measuring function for which verification/inspection activities are performed are: ECG devices, defibrillators, patient monitors, incubators for pediatric and neonatal patients, anesthesia machines, respirators, infusomats and perfusors, therapeutic ultrasound devices, dialysis machines and blood pressure monitors. The Laboratory for verification/inspection of medical devices with measuring function is an accredited inspection / control body according to the requirements of the standard BAS EN ISO 17020. Accreditation was performed by the Institute for Accreditation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Technical Service for dental radiology is authorized by the State Regulatory Agency for Radiation Safety in accordance with the Law on Radiation and Nuclear Safety in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The technical service is accredited according to the requirements of BAS EN ISO / IEC 17020 standards by the Accreditation Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Verlab’s five core values – impartiality, objectivity, integrity, excellence and innovation – are more than just words. They are the foundation of our culture. These principles guide us in our work together to advance the quality of care in the health sector.

Through our Center for Research and Innovation, we work on research aimed at improving efficient, evidence-based verification and testing of medical devices.



To be leading service provider in medical device post market surveillance in Europe.


To support healthcare institutions in service quality development by improvement of reliability, precision and safety of medical devices.


We consider our employees as our most valuable asset. We employ biomedical engineers with Ms.C. And Ph.D. degree and continuously invest in builiding their expertise to advance excellence.

Our employees are awarded by IFMBE Clinical Engineering Division Award for distinguished contribution of an article advancing the global Clinical Engineering field with impact on mankind’s healthcare services.

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